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The Maya observed the stillness of the Sun, which lasted for twenty full days, between December 11 and December 31. This is like the observation made by Pueblo Sun watchers, who will actually stay still and quiet while the Sun is still. When the Sun began to move, the Maya made a ceremony called the Jasaw Dance, of which I’ve written about (see an older post here).

If we were keeping record of Maya dates, today December 31, 2019, it would be 13 Baktun, 0 Katun, 6 Tun, 13 Winal and 12 Tun, which for short is written as This is the Long Count notation. The Calendar Round notation for the same date is 5 Eb’  0 Mol (see Figure 1). Observe that Tzolk’in date is 5 Eb’. Day Eb’ only occurs every twenty k’in or days, and when the year bearer is Eb’, then every beginning of month will be Eb’. We are currently running on year bearer 8 Eb’, which inaugurated the Haab or Maya year on August 13, 2019.


Fig. 1. Today’s date in Maya notation with the converter developed by the author.

What is interesting is that back in 735, the Dance of the Jasaw also happened when the year bearer was Eb’, and such consistency is only offered by the converter system I developed. See how today’s Maya date given by my converter relates to December 31, 2019 while today’s Maya date given by the conventional converter system called GMT (Goodman-Martinez-Thompson) relates to August 19, 2019. If, instead, we insert December 31, 2019 date, we get results for the LC and the Calendar Round that are not at all related to the Dance of Jasaw celebrated in Yaxchilan. This is the kind of aberration that the GMT system offers, and every Maya scholar using it is not being able to advance their work because of it.


Figure 2. Goodman-Martinez-Thompson converter.


Figure 3. Goodman-Martinez-Thompson converter.

If we were to celebrate the coming back of Sun’s moving days, we would always do them a day like today, December 31st; we wouldn’t be all over the year cycle, like the GMT correlation proposes Yaxchilan governors were doing. That is why it is so important to begin using the converter system I have proposed since 2013.



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